Port Broughton Uniting Church

Have You Visited our Op Shop?

Our Op Shop

Port Broughton Uniting Church Op Shop is more than just shopping, it’s a treasure trove with purpose.

Located in the charming setting of the old manse on Edmund St, our Op Shop is a special mission outreach of our Church. Every Friday, from 2 – 4 pm, our doors open to offer you a curated selection of quality men’s and women’s clothing, captivating books, stylish accessories, and much more. 

We have volunteers both from our church and the community of Port Broughton, who love to serve you.

Lets connect in the op shop

Stop by the Op Shop

People from all corners of the Yorke Peninsula appreciate our carefully chosen items, ensuring each piece is clean and at a value that respects your budget. Every purchase you make not only delights your personal style but also carries a deeper significance.

searching the op shop

We're OPEN every Friday between 2 - 4pm

Check the calendar for any extra opening hours or days. Our doors swing open to reveal not just items, but stories and memories. From pristine men’s and women’s attire, elegant accessories, to riveting books and more, each piece is curated with care. 

the op shop funds help others in need

Our Purpose

But beyond the racks and shelves, our Op Shop serves a grander purpose.

Proceeds from your purchases directly benefit the local school, address immediate relief needs, and support the shipment of Shoe Boxes overseas among other heartfelt projects. 

By choosing to shop with us, you’re not only securing a fantastic find but also contributing to a ripple of positive change.

Come, discover, shop, and be a part of our ever-growing story.