He is Risen! He is Here!
May 2021

He is Risen! He is Here!


Every genuine local church, or congregation of Christian believers, is unique, but they all have one thing in common – the presence of God in Christ by His Spirit. His is a very real presence, but not very often is that reality realised! How are we doing with this in our Port Broughton congregation?

It is promised. No matter who we are (as individuals), or where we have come from, Jesus promises that he is ALWAYS with his disciples, and is ALWAYS there in the midst where just “two or three are gathered in my name” Matt 28:20, and 18:20.

We don’t always realise that, and even when we hear it, we too often don’t believe it. Therefore, we all too often make the grave mistake of trying to ask God for His presence when we already have it!

This isn’t just theory. While the doctrine of omnipresence may not seem easy to finite minds like ours, the truth is that our wonderful God is fully present, at all times, every- where. So he is able fully to attend all gatherings/meetings of believers, everywhere on the earth, at every moment. Any and all gatherings of believers, no matter how small, (even just two!), have the guaranteed presence of God in Christ by His Spirit!

So, when we come together “to church”, we never need to ask Him to come and join us. That is, unfortunately, a false prayer. He is “here” before we are! Rather, when we come together “to church”, it is we who are coming into His presence, not He into ours. Truly, it is we who join together in His name, to be with Him, and to be holy and without blame before Him in love (Eph.1:3).

This has nothing to do with so-called “sacred spaces” or religious buildings – “churches”. A lot of nonsense is peddled about those ideas. God’s own personal presence is not bounded by buildings, nor by any matter of space and time. He is, at all times, wholly present everywhere! And makes Himself freely available; known to humble believers who gather in His name. Anywhere, Anytime.

What is really needed, to enjoy His presence (and all that that means) is for us to open our hearts and minds to Him as we come together. If that is our prayer, the reality will surely be opened to us.

Ray Skinner

Fellowship Report

Uniting Church Adult Fellowship

Sylvia Harvey, welcomed 8 members with 5 apologies, she opened with Prayer. We only had one Birthday, Dulcie Chapman on 18th April 2021.

A report was given on the Sinza Ministry in Uganda, where Gladyse is struggling to feed & pay school fees for her Orphans. She also requested a treadle sewing machine, as there is no power.

Judy led us in our afternoon of Australiana, by informing us about the history of our country’s name from Terra Australis to Australia del Espiritu Santo which means Southland of the Holy Spirit, to New Holland to Australia.

We sang “The Song of Australia” to the music provided from Dulcie’s phone. We heard 3 stories from a book of Australian Humour. Some members told stories of travel, people and camp oven cooking. There was a good display of things e.g. RAA road guide, book about Woolsheds, Aboriginal music sticks, a Diary written in 1956, Opal Jewellery, Driza-bone coat, Akubra, a glass lamp which was used on a farm, many years ago, a lovely Aboriginal Dot painting and one done from Bark. During Afternoon Tea, the discussions continued. A great afternoon.

Our next meeting Tuesday 18th May 2021 at 1-30pm will be a craft workshop for Shoe Boxes. Making Bracelets, necklaces with bead, also scrunches, head- bands etc.

Our meeting on June the 15th, we will be visiting Memoree House in Kadina. If anyone is interested in joining us, please contact Raelene on 86 353 179.

Blessings to you all, 

Ministry Team Elections

Ministry Team Elections for 2021. Nomination forms are available now and will close on Sunday 23rd May 2021. Nominations do not need a seconder, nor do they need the permission of the person nominated. It is a name you put forward after prayerful consideration Nominees will have an opportunity to accept or decline when visited by a Ministry Team member between 23rd May and 6th June 2021. The names of those nominated who have accepted will be announced and prayed for during the Service on the 6th June and voting day will be on the 20th June. Absentee voting is available from 6th June if you know you won’t be present on voting day.

Rev. Trevor Faggotter will Commission the new team on Sunday 11th July 2021

Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes

It is time to start thinking of the shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child.

If you are able, we are looking for items to fill the shoe boxes, i.e. lead and coloured pencils, pencil sharpeners, tennis balls, marbles, skipping ropes, word search books, underwear, clothing and anything else you can think of that would fit nicely into a shoe box. Exercise books need to be the 5 x 7 books and not A4 as the A4 do not fit into the box. 

Also if you, or you know of anyone who can sew skirts or trousers or T-shirts for children, please ask them to contact Sylvia Harvey or Sandra Ireland as we often have material.

Know Your Bible

Preachers Wanted

Preachers: If you know of anyone you would Iike to invite to preach in our church, please let the Ministry Team know. We are always open to have new folk come and share at our church.

Frontiers Service

A reminder that our Frontier Services service will be held on Sunday 2nd May when the Rev. Sunny kadaparambil will speak on the work they do.
Know Your Bible - Photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash

Know Your Bible

2nd and 4th Fridays at 10am
In the Sunday School room
Flowers for Sunday

Ministry Team Meeting

Thursday 13th May, 7:30pm
Evening Home Group

Bible Study Home Group

Thursday 20th May
Keith and Rhonda's house.
22 Parma Street, Port Broughton.
We start at 7pm with 1 hour of bible study leading into a time of prayer.
All are welcome.
Please contact us for further details.
Sally Stamp

Sally Stamp

Please continue to collect your stamps for 'Sally Stamp' and place in the box in the foyer. We are still collecting ring pulls from cans and bread tags but at the moment we no longer require plastic tops
—thank you.
Knit and Natter

Knit & Natter

Wednesday 5th May, 2-4pm at RSL Hall.
Please remember to bring your finished items for Dulcie. Tea and coffee will be supplied under COVID requirements. Looking forward to seeing you all. Dulcie
Annual General Meeting

Our Congregational AGM

Will be held on Sunday 23rd May
following the Worship Service during morning tea. Please will all groups provide a written report for this time.
Mothers day

Mothers Day

Remember all Mothers on Sunday 9th May for Mothers Day. Pray for them and for families struggling without mothers or the loss of them. Please pray for the Generate Presbytery reps being involved in this year's UCA National Assembly in June, for their wisdom and discernment in speaking or voting
Uniting Church Fellowship Association Membership

Adult Fellowship

Tuesday 18th May 1:30pm
Craft workshop for Shoe Boxes. Making Bracelets, necklaces with bead, also scrunches, head- bands etc.
Uniting church icon

UCA National Assembly

Please pray for the Generate Presbytery reps being involved in this year's UCA National Assembly in June, for their wisdom and discernment in speaking or voting.
Hospital Visiting

Hospital Visiting

Cancelled until further notice.
Need Prayer

Need Prayer

Please ask any of the Ministry Team 


We are looking for volunteers to assist with the smooth running of our Church Services. If you are interested in welcoming at the door, Bible reading, Leading or morning tea. Please contact any member of the Ministry Team—thank you.
tithing and giving

Tithing & Giving

The Ministry Team would encourage you all to continue with your regular giving of monetary gifts to the Church for the work of God. There are different ways for you to do this. Our preference would be for you to use Electronic Funds Transfer if you are able to do so, by paying into the Port Broughton Uniting Church bank account BSB: 065 503   Acc No:10205710   reference: offering; or by cheque (post to Sandra Ireland) or use your envelopes or just put it aside. If you have any questions or would like it picked up please contact Sandra Ireland. Thank you

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