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have the best

Have The Best – It’s All In The Book

To have the best, we need to look in the book. Which book you may ask. Will first, let’s look at what we all want. We all want to have the best, don’t we? But what is best for us as humans is not always clear.

Hope that we have

Reason For The Hope That We Have

How do we remember and give an account of that hope that we have? I suggest that we should memorise it, just like we did for the times tables.

wives and husbands - and mothers day

Wives and Husbands

Today is Mothers Day – when wives and mothers are celebrated. Yet for many wives and mothers, their experience is

There's a New Kingdom Coming - Photo by Pro Church Media on Unsplash

There’s a New Kingdom Coming Sermon by Grahame Daniel 05-04-2020

There’s a new kingdom coming inside the world as we know it.  The earth as we know it can be seen so clearly in GoogleEarth®, an amazing piece of technology. So, come with me as we look for a while at a new kingdom that Jesus said was coming. He called it the kingdom of God. Now you won’t find the kingdom of God on GoogleEarth®.